Curriculum Vitae
      Torsten Striepke
Date of birth :
     Heftricher Str. 13
     65510 Idstein
  Marital status : married, 2 children  
  Nationality : German  
Phone: 0049- 6126- 5058223     Handy : 0049–(0)163-1702453       e-mail : 
   Small Enterprise Development
   Organisational Strengthening
   Planning and Evaluation

Integrated Rural Development
Project Concept Development
Moderation, Workshop Design
Chief Trainer of the CEFE (Competency-based Economies through Formation of Enterprise)
Method including Training of Entrepreneurs and Training of Trainers, Curriculum Development;
Credit & Savings Groups, Informal Sector Development;

Integrated Organisation Model (IOM), Systemic Planning, Logical Framework (ZOPP);

Participatory Action Research (PRA, RRA);

Process Consultancy, Action Learning, Visualisation.
  Long-term assignments: Nepal : 7 years
    Cameroon : 3 years
    Rwanda : 4 ¾ years
    Guyana: 2 ½ years
    Morocco: 3 years
  Short-term assignments: Bangladesh, Cameroon , Congo (Brazzaville), Congo (Kinshasa), Côte d'Ivoire, Fiji, India, Indonesia, Mali, Morocco, Nepal, Niger, Pakistan, Papua New-Guinea, the Philippines, Rwanda, Senegal, Singapore, Spain, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Thailand, Togo, Tunisia, Vanuatu and Zimbabwe.
   LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY                                            German: native language
  English : fluent  
  French : fluent  
  Nepali : good  
  1982 - 1983

Social Science, University of Bremen (FRG) with special focus on problems regarding developing countries; Master Degree (M. S. Sc.)
  1976 - 1979

Political & Social Science studies at the Free University of Berlin (intermediate examination)
  1968 - 1972

Studies of Physical Education (PE) at the National College for PE,
(FRG); Master Degree
  06/2012 ValueLinks Seminar (5 days) ValueLinks Certificate (pdf)
  07/2009 Capacity WORKS (new GIZ project management tool)
  01/2008 One-week interactive seminar on “Value Chain Development” organised by Hans Posthumus in collaboration with MDF (Management Development Foundation) in Ede/Netherlands
  08/2004 3-days in-house training with designers of PACA (Mesopartner Consulting) in Berlin
One-week training on PACA (Participatory Appraisal of Competitive Advantage) in Pretoria / South Africa being a “Local Economic Development” training device;
  05/2000 EVal Training (GIZ interactive & electronic evaluation tool)
Graduate of gtz's Training of Trainers regarding its CEFE model (Creation of Enterprises, Formation of Entrepreneurs), Philippines ; at present CEFE Chief Trainer
  1989 & 1991 Basic & intermediate course in gtz's ZOPP (Project Planning through Objectives) Planning Method
  1995 Participatory Rural Appraisal Seminar in Staufen ( Black Forest )
   EMPLOYMENT RECORD at a glance
  07/11 - today Independent consultant (details below)
  04/08 – 06/11

GIZ head of project “Migration and economic development of Oriental Region / Morocco
  • Improvement of business climate (through various Chambers of Commerce, provincial government, and business associations), support of Moroccan Diaspora in Europe regarding investments and transfer of their know-how into Oriental region.
  07/07 - 03/08

Independent Consultant (details below)
  11/04 – 06/07

International Business Advisor in the EU-financed “Linden Economic Advancement Programme” (LEAP) for Transtec SA ( Belgium )
  • Organisational development (Chamber of Commerce, provincial government, town council, business associations), elaboration of a provincial development strategy 2004 – 08, business creation training programmes, internal project M&E.
  07/04 – 10/04

Independent Consultant (details below)
  07/99 – 06/04

GTZ head of Project „Handicraft Promotion in Butare Province “
  • Set-up and development of three regional artisans’ federation with appr. 4000 individual members into provincial chambers of craft through organisational development measures, introduction of business development services and development of a national support strategy for craftsmen.
  10/88 – 07/99

Independent Consultant - CONTOR CONSULTING - (details below)
  1985 - 1988

Field Officer for the German Development Service (ded) in Cameroon in the field of Integrated Rural Development
  1983 - 1984

Tutor on honorary basis at the Training Centre of the German Foundation for International Development , Bad Honnef
  1979 - 1982

Lecturer for the German Development Service (ded) in Nepal at Kirtipur University (Physical Education)
  1973 - 1976

Advisor to the Ministry of Education for German Development Service (ded) in Nepal and lecturer at Tribhuvan University
  1971 - 1973

Part-time primary school teacher during studies
  EU/GTZ HEAD OF PROJECT / Morocco     04/08 until 05/2011 (planned)
  Main tasks
  Create a more favourable environment in the Moroccan region (province) of Oriental in order to mobilise the migration potential in terms of finance and know-how. To achieve this objective, innovative mechanisms and strategies are to be developed in close collaboration with the “Agency for the Development of Oriental”.
   INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS ADVICE EXPERT / Guyana      11/04 until 06/2007
  Main tasks
  Working in the "Linden Economic Advancement Programme" (LEAP) ( in Linden/Guyana mainly involved in a) institutional strengthening activities with the Provincial Government, Town Council of Linden, local Chamber ( ) and several provincial business associations (tourism <2>; forestry, agriculture, handicraft, women), b) elaboration of the provincial development strategy 2008-12 with local partners (local economic development), c) business development training programmes, and d) log frame- and internal project monitoring and evaluation.
   GTZ HEAD OF PROJECT / Rwanda      07/99 until 06/2004
  Main tasks
  Set-up and development of three regional artisans' federation with appr. 4000 individual members into provincial chambers of craft through organisational development measures (training of incumbents on the spot, income generating activities, policy development, network development with similar movements in other provinces), introduction of business development services (entrepreneurship training, organisational training for artisans' associations, commercialisation assistance, export facilitation, skills training programmes, promotional activities through brochures, catalogues and web page) and …
  Development of a national support strategy for craftsmen through the conduct of half-yearly round table meetings and working groups including all relevant ministries (laws on crafts sector, categorisation of branches and trades, operational plan, incorporation of the vocational training school system with emphasis on the dual system).
   INDEPENDENT CONSULTANT       10/1988–07/1999 | 07–10/2004 | 07-12/2008
   Participatory Action Research - Organisational Strengthening
  Management training for provincial agency directors of the “Agence Nationale de Promotion de
l'Emploi et des Compétences (ANAPEC) in Morocco (Integration, 09/04)
  Procedural Handbook for monitoring of CEFE training programmes, Tunisia (gtz, 5-6/99)
  Conduct of four PAR workshops in Kinshasa (gtz, 1-2/99)
  Training of Vocational Training Centres' Managers Papua New-Guinea (gtz, 10-11/98)
  Moderators Training , Consulary Chamber of Pointe Noire, Republic of Congo (gtz, 9/98)
  Conduct of Introductory PAR Workshop for DIE students, Berlin (1/97, 1/98, 1/99)
  Conduct of a PAR Workshop for personnel of Swisscontact in Zurich (3/96)
  Action Research Workshops for Swiss “Small Scale Enterprise Promotion“ Programme in Peshawar/Pakistan for Swisscontact in 9-10/94, 2/95, 5/95 and 8-9/95)
  Project concept development of "Small Industries Promotion" (SIP) Project in Nepal for SDC in 6/95, 8/95, 11/95 and 7/96; basic action-research -, team-building- and vision-building workshop for SIP-P personnel with partners: 9/96; advanced PAR training: 6/97
  Development of a training programme on “Strategy of Organisational Learning in Development” (SOLID) in collaboration with KEK 6 CDC Consultants in Zurich (3/98).
  Evaluation of the gtz “Squatter resettlement“ (action research) project in Senegal , (component: promotion of small scale enterprises), 7/89
   Small Enterprise Development      ( see
  Development and conduct of a CEFE training programme for illiterates in Bangladesh including training-on-the job for local trainers (gtz, 2-3/98, 8/98, 3 -4/99, 7/99)
  Special Project Progress Monitoring Mission (PVK) for “Business Centre Davao ” (BCD) in the Philippines (11-12/98)
  Head of evaluation mission (PFK) for COPEMECO project in Kinshasa , D.R. Congo (gtz; 11-12/97)
  Head of a planning and support mission for the CEFE Regional Centre in Bamako , Mali and Niger for gtz (10/97)
  Revision of Swiss basic planning tool for project in craft and industries promotion (so-called CIP Cube) for Intercooperation and SDC in 4-7/97
  CEFE Training Programmes in English medium for small entrepreneurs in Bangladesh (2/89), Sri Lanka (5/89 and 5/90), Fiji (2/90), Indonesia (12/90);
  CEFE Appreciation Workshop for gtz project personnel in Pakistan (3/96), for decision makers in Cameroon (1/94), Tunisia (2) (5/96) and Rwanda (4/98), all for gtz
  CEFE Training Programmes in French for would-be entrepreneurs in Mali (3/93, 6/93, 1/94, 5/94, KfW), in Cameroon (2-3/94; 1-2/96) and Congo (5/97, 6/98; existing entrepreneurs), gtz, in Tunisia (4/96), INTEGRATION Ltd./gtz and in Ivory Coast (6/96), gtz
  Training of trainers for existing EDP trainers (curriculum development, new EDP products) for SSEP, Pakistan (Swisscontact; 3/97)
  Training of Trainers for the Chamber of Arts and Crafts in Ivory Coast for CDG (9/93; 4/94; 11-12/94; 3-4/95); elaboration of a Trainers' Guide (12/94 - 5/95 in French)
  Feasibility Study for CEFE seminars for ex-government employees in Mali for “denkmodell Dialog Design”/KfW, 9-10/92, and conduct of four seminars (3/93 - 5/94)
  Seminar “Promotion of SME in developing countries“ for Marburg Consult, 6/92
  Elaboration of the Trainers' Manual in English for the CEFE training modules for gtz, 12/89 - 6/91) and in French (3/93 - 5/94) for KfW
  Elaboration of curriculum and manual on entrepreneurial competencies (in French) in 5/96; 8/96 and 1/97, Tunisia ; test of three modules (2/97, 12/97, 3/98), Integration Ltd./gtz
  Elaboration of 3 modules to integrate entrepreneurial competencies into vocational school system, Rwanda (4/98) and respective training of trainers (5/99)
  Training of Trainers for SME institutions ( Zimbabwe , Malawi , Lesotho , Swaziland ) in Germany , 3-4/91, and in Zimbabwe , 6/94, for OEKOTOP and CDG respectively
  Preparation for UNIDO-gtz co-operation regarding enterprise development programmes in the Pacific rim, Vanuatu , 2/90
  Chief Consultant Editor of gtz-quarterly BRAINSTORM for CEFE trainers and co-operating agencies (10/89 - 11/95)
  Trainer during CEFE Training of Trainers in Thailand (6/90; advanced ToT: 11/97), Indonesia (all gtz, 9-10/ 91), Mali (FGU, 10/95), Cameroon (gtz, 10-11/96), Tunisia (Integration, 11-12/96) and Bangladesh (gtz; 4-5/98; training on-the-job)
  Rural Development
  Seminar “Self-help Promotion for Small Scale Enterprises in Developing Coun­tries“ for Marburg Consult, 6/92
  Reintegration seminar for Mozambicans for IBE in Berlin, 1-3/92
  Evaluation of Rural Training Centre Talavadi (Micro Enterprise Development) in Karnataka/India for German Agro Action (Deutsche Welthungerhilfe), 8/91
  Other Sectors
  Fact finding mission for the elaboration of a project proposal in the TVET sector, 09/11 for Integration Ltd
  Moderation of the First Regional CEFE Meeting of French-speaking facilitators in Bamako (1/98 for gtz)
  Project evaluation „Promotion of Local Consulting Know-how“ in Tanzania, 4-5/92 and respective project preparation 11/93
  Various project designs for various consulting firms
  Preparation of biddings for different larger consulting firms
   Local Economic Development
  Participation at the forum „Migration and socioeconomic development – the case of Oriental region in Morocco” (gtz, 04/08) – in preparation of the long-term assignment to Morocco
  Seminar “Self-help Promotion for Small Scale Enterprises in Developing Coun­tries“ for Marburg Consult, 6/92
  Reintegration seminar for Mozambicans for IBE in Berlin , 1-3/92
  Evaluation of Rural Training Centre Talavadi (Micro Enterprise Development) in Karnataka/India for German Agro Action (Deutsche Welthungerhilfe), 8/91
   Other Sectors
  Moderation of the First Regional CEFE Meeting of French-speaking facilitators in Bamako (1/98 for gtz)
  Project evaluation „Promotion of Local Consulting Know-how“ in Tanzania , 4-5/92 and respective project preparation 11/93
  Various project designs for various consulting firms
  Preparation of biddings for different larger consulting firms (2004, 2008)
   PUBLICATIONS (for more details see separate sub-site)
  „Unentdeckte Schätze“ in „Marokko verstehen“ (SympathieMagazine), p. 46/47, published by „Studienkreis für Tourismus und Entwicklung“, 08/2011
  “The 5 Ps – the PERSON”; Linden/Guyana, May 2006 (published by the LEAP Project)
  “Crafts of Linden”, in “Discover Linden Tourism Magazine”, April 2006
  „About tourism in a non tourist country, or: how competitive advantages can be created” in “PACA News No. 10” (April 2006); published by Mesopartner Consulting (
  “The 5 Ps – PROMOTION”, Linden/Guyana, June 2005 (published by the LEAP Project)
  Diverse articles regarding the situation of the handicraft sector and the law on handicraft in Rwandan newspapers, 2000 - 2003
  Co-author of “Impact monitoring in crafts development projects” in French language, published by gtz in September 2001.
  Participatory Action Research for a Small Industries Promotion Programme“ in „PLA Notes“, N°. 30; October 1997.
  Comparison of Objectives of the Integrated Rural Development Projects in Nepal“, Lilienthal, 1983 (own publication).
  Entwicklungspolitik nach der Wende “ (with Siegfried Pater), Dortmund, 1985, 224 p.
    Author of various articles in “ brainstorm “, a gtz quarterly (since 1989).
  Since July 07, 2011, I am back again in Germany focusing on the establishment of my old / new consultancy firm. After now three months of experience (August – October 2011) I am convinced that my future lies with short-term assignments mainly focusing on project proposal writing. I am happy with my basic decision taken not to go for another (last) long-term assignment which would have resulted in another delay to develop roots in our beautiful home city of Idstein. A certain care of my problems with slipped discs (I have undergone already two operations!) also played a role in that decision as well as my wish to be physically present with my wife. All job applications were stopped in August 2011, and henceforth I concentrated on the set-up of my independent life as a consultant.

The work started very promising with a satisfactory number of assignments in the early stage mainly regarding project proposal writing which is now my favorite occupation. However, a few assignments abroad will be taken during the first year until I am really settled as a successful project proposal writer.



Idstein / Germany, July 2012

My life in pictures – a picturesque life?

If you’re standing behind the camera you cannot be expected to be in the focus! While searching the countless boxes with photographs since my childhood, I found out that there are not so many photographs existing where I can be seen at work. I will again review all my slides which have been neglected so far. It’s promised that for the next update there will be a somewhat richer collection of “shots”.

1969: Wild years
1973: Nepal – Family practicum
during in-country preparation
1974: Nepal – official marriage photograph
in June (that’s how it was those days!)
1975: Nepal - first-ever batch of PE Diploma students
1980: Nepal – the official bike serving
as family vehicle
1982: Nepal – and again farewell from the
PE students from the Kirtipur Campus
1988: Philippines/Manila -during a
1-month CEFE Training of Trainers
1989: Bangladesh – first exposure as
responsible CEFE trainer in Dhaka
1995: Germany – opening of my
“cosy” consulting office in Idstein
1996: Mali – the last of four CEFE trainings
for laid-off public workers /
discussion among the trainers
2002: Rwanda – the Rwandan Minister
of Commerce visiting our Butare
trade show (I’m partially covered
by the Provincial Governor)
2005: Guyana – business advice for
an entrepreneur producing spices
(in front of a dryer)
2007: Germany – keeping contact with
Rwandan colleagues marketing
handicraft products from the former
project in the City of Mainz

2009: Morocco – break in a meeting
of the Project Supervisory Committee

1951: Second from left
April 10, 1956: School start
1976: Nepal – start of family life
1979: Germany – the family grows
(and grandfather looks on!)
1986: Cameroon – do it yourself! On my
way to do a bush- and tree-clearing
exercise in a small local creek of
importance for some local producers
1987: Cameroon – the family has grown
(the four in front on the right side)
1993: Germany – only (much too)
little timefor family affairs
during those consultant days
1994: 2nd Intl. CEFE Conference
In Chiangmai/Thailand
2000: Rwanda – official web site photograph
2001: Rwanda – I loved the Rwandan
basket makers and their products
made from banana bark
2006: Guyana – systemic planning
(mutual influence matrix)

2007: Guyana – tourism development
required a lot of water travelling

2010: Morocco – a walk around the great
Marchica Lagoon close to Nador