Long-Term assignments

My long-term assignments total to 20 years in five different countries. They helped me to expand my know-how and experience with the base remaining sustainable economic development.

Starting from a Master degree in Physical Education and a subsequent job in Nepal (1973 – 76), I learned the art of teaching (facilitating), crafting curricula and guiding people. The second stay in Nepal (1979 – 1982) contributed to successfully ending a 13-years involvement of ded (Deutscher Entwicklungsdienst; German Development Service) in this sector leaving a sufficient number of university teachers (incl. PhD), appropriate curricula for university and school level as well as a nicely equipped video and book library.

Immediately after my social science studies (major: third world politics), I was happy to join ded again for a third time being able to apply newly learned subject matters in Cameroon (1985 – 1988) based on my experience accumulated already in the past. During all these aforementioned assignments I kept close ties with other bi- and multi-lateral organisations.

While working on a short-term assignment in Bangladesh in April 1999, I received a call from the then gtz (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit GmbH) inquiring my interest in a job in Rwanda. As I was heading for another short-term assignment in Rwanda in May 1999, I suggested having a look and finally accepted that offer because it exactly reflected my desire in terms of challenge.

Almost immediately after the end of my term in Rwanda, I got in contact with Transtec SA, a Belgian consulting firm, which eyed for long-term consultants for an employment-generation project in Guyana. I had a one-week stay in Linden, Guyana, before accepting that long-term assignment with a lot of interesting facets in the daily work. A slipped disc and the need for an operation forced me back to Germany about 10 days prior to the end of this assignment.

The necessary rehabilitation period made it easy to switch back to consultancy work while taking care of my health in the first place. In early 2008, however, GTZ contacted me to inquire about my interest to head a newly acquired co-financed project (European Union, BMZ) in Morocco. As it has become already a sort of routine I checked out the suggested project site in Oujda close to the Algerian border to find out if the site as well as the suggested objectives would suit our (my wife’s and mine) aspirations. And it did! However, the project site was later transferred to Nador which turned out to be a very wise decision ...