Contract duration: 25 November 2004 – 30 June 2007; a slipped disc and an urgent operation forced me to leave the project two weeks prior to the termination of my contract on June 15, 2007

Job description: This project is a regional economic development project focussing on employment- and self-employment creation through various measures in one of Guyana’s ten provinces called “Region 10” with Linden as its administrative capital. This Region has been hard-hit in the Nineties by declining bauxite exports (main source of income) and subsequent massive lay-offs. My specific tasks (official ToRs) as International Business Advice Expert are mentioned below: However, the actual situation required high flexibility so that I ended up doing quite a different job (mentioned in Italics indented in the respective paragraph below and on the following page 2):

Advise on the identification and assessment of the feasibility of business ventures including public and private partnerships
A separate LEAP Department was responsible for the investments covering also eventual public private partnerships; apart from investments I initiated a partnership between the Region (province), the State and Region 10’s private tourism sector to develop the potential of Rockstone as a genuine tourism destination). A monthly round table of the public (Linden Town Administration, Regional Democratic Council) and the private sector (Linden Chamber; ( see was organised to discuss matters of concern in the Region’s economic development.
Advise on business financing (models) and assist clients in the preparation of documents to access investment incentives (LEAP and GoG National) and for credit from the Linden Economic Advancement Fund (LEAF) and other financial institutions
A separate unit of the Project took care of the contacts to potential investors so that advice on business financing was not required; LEAF was a separate identity in a different building supported by other LEAP staff members in terms of business plan preparation. Through my monitoring tasks, however, we are able to provide important feedback to LEAF as far as its clients’ satisfaction was concerned.
Advise on, prepare ToR and supervise short-term technical assistance as required by LEAP and its clients
In fact, several short-term contracts have been prepared, advertised, interviews conducted and candidates selected (particularly, in the field of tourism development and support to the Regional Democratic Council, the Provincial Government),
Assist in the design and delivery of training of trainers and training in entrepreneurship / business skills and employable skills
As a certified CEFE Chief Trainer I expected that my know-how would be welcome; however, I was never asked – despite many offers from my side – to conduct ToTs and simple entrepreneurship development programmes. All I was able to contribute related to some entrepreneurial know-how in four secondary schools and the Linden Technical Institute where I carried out a micro-credit programme over several weeks with 6 sessions per institution with excellent results ( see report)