Assist in ongoing assessment of training and technical assistance needs of LEAP in Region 10
I was responsible for the set-up of the M&E system as far as the log frame planning, the training impact monitoring and internal management requirements were concerned. The data generated on a quarterly basis gave a conclusive picture of the project’s progress and problems at any point in time.
Be member of the project taskforce on LEAP sustainability
Unfortunately, this taskforce met only once during my presence in the Project; that was a pity because the LEAP project suffered from unilateral management decisions without sufficient internal consultations.

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Actual work done
: You may ask what I actually did when the ToRs turned out to be somewhat misleading for the concrete work. Here are the major tasks carried out during 2½ years in Linden in addition to what has been mentioned earlier:

View of Gluck
Island off Rockstone
Signboard to Rockstone Rockstone Fish Festival 2006 Giant Victoria Regia
water lily
Meeting with Rockstone Tourism Association

Institutional strengthening
: I assisted the “Linden Chamber of Industry, Commerce and Development” (LCICD, see to better organise their institutional work (filing system on PC and hard copies, business plans, terms for the board members, outreach activities to distant areas of Region 10, on-the-job training for the secretary, etc.), to take an active lobbying role in regional politics (institutionalisation of a round table with the public sector, contributions to the new Chamber website), and to improve their income and efficiency (income generation activities, membership campaigns, project formulation for the acquisition of funds from other donors, contacts to other Chambers, etc.). Not all these initiatives have been crowned by success due to a very difficult environment in and around the Chamber.
Assistance to six business associations (tourism x 2, agriculture, forestry, handicraft, businesswomen) of which some were existing while others were founded during my stay. The main tasks consisted in setting up their internal routine, identifying fields of common concern (such as business outlets, marketing, promotion, set-up of websites), identifying marketable products and launching the marketing efforts, initiating lobby work and establishing good governance procedures, mutual trust and confidence in the association as powerful instrument.