1. ...That model was co-financed by a specific Moroccan institution catering for the generation of value from Diaspora know-how abroad. Furthermore, individual consultancy trips of competent members of the Diaspora for specific purposes have been supported (restaurants, hotels, agriculture). A new association of Diaspora members from the Oriental region has been founded in Paris in conjunction with the project activities; networking with the German-based association and the newly founded Diaspora business association in Nador have been initiated and respective contracts have been signed. Success stories of ex-Diaspora members starting their own businesses in the region have been documented on the project website.
  2. The Project experiences are accessible for other Regions (in Morocco) and the whole Diaspora.
    An M&E system has been established from the very beginning of the project; it has been updated very quarter. Monthly information has been provided in French and German to over 400 investors (project’s data base) in Europe. National and local partner institutions have been likewise informed through monthly email bulletins. The project took part in the EU thematic group meetings on “migration & development”. It was present during national and international conferences on migration issues sharing its accumulated experience with the others. An education tour for German travel agents operating already ecotourism tours to other parts of Morocco (including some members of the Moroccan Diaspora in Germany) has been organised resulting in their concrete desire to start organising specific tours to Oriental region from 2012 onward because the ecotourism expansion potential was judged very positively.

The national partner “Agence de l’Oriental” has decided to carry on with the project with one local key personnel from October 2011 after the end of the project. Hence, the former project office will remain the entrance door and will provide accompanying services to foreign and Diaspora investors. The latter have appreciated the tailor-made support compared to the governmental institutions. Investors from abroad are linked to local actors in the different sectors. Meanwhile, far-reaching and more comprehensive support is provided by local consultancy enterprises comprising ex-Diaspora know-how and expertise (business plan development, search for appropriate local sites and partners, assistance in marketing and ranging to the provision of temporary management and accounting assistance.