Contract duration : 01 April 1973 - 10 January 1976

Job description : Ministry of Education; Department of Physical- and Health Education; Development of school curricula (class 1 - 10) in the field of Physical Education; training of four mobile teams of P.E. - instructors who covered all 75 districts in the country to perform on-the-job training for practicing teachers.
After one year I changed to Kirtipur Central Campus, Tribhuvan University, to establish the Health- and Physical Education Department. Development of university curricula, writing of text- and guide books for students, set-up of a basic library, teaching of sports theory (methodology, didactics) and practice (volleyball, football, basketball, athletics, table tennis, music and dance, Kabaddi, and other local games) took place increasingly in Nepali language because most of the students were unable to understand English as a medium.

Learning points: Being my first long-term assignment in a country of the Third World, I had the chance to learn a lot of things for my later career. I'm especially grateful to ded regarding the preparation period. Three months in Berlin and additional eight weeks in-country training in Nepal including intensive language classes, a stay in a Nepali family and cross-cultural training provided an excellent "kick" for the project work. I enjoyed the collaboration in the ded P.E. teachers' group and within the group of more than 20 volunteers at a time; this period shaped my future behaviour as a "workaholic". But I also discovered that the mere profession of a sports teacher did not correspond to my life ambitions, which I saw then in the work for and in developing countries. So, I went back to Germany with the objective of adding another dimension to my life and started studying political science focussing on Third World politics. If a career in Africa, Asia or Latin America would have failed, I still could join the German teachers' work force with the subjects Physical Education and Political- and/or Social Science.