Contract duration : 01 February 1979 - 31 July 1982
Job description : I rejoined Kirtipur Central Campus, Tribhuvan University, Institute of Education, to further assist the Health- and Physical Education Department. The main task was teaching regular classes (theory and practice) to 1st and 2nd year students as well as a special practical on-the-job training of two of my former students who came back with a PhD from an Indian University during my last year. The library has been completed with internationally viable literature and appropriate videos. I wrote two books on methodology and practical training and assisted in publishing another six teaching books. As a professor, I also had to take care of students writing their Diploma theses, and the most thrilling work of all was the coordination of activities in my subject in the different university campuses scattered all over the country. A needs analysis for future master students has been carried out

Learning points: During the absence of the ded country director I had the privilege to represent him with - of course - very much limited responsibilities. An experience, which I would not like to miss! My Nepali language proficiency was very fluent, and I was able to hold all my lectures and practical classes in that language. However, writing and reading remained always a problem due to the Sanskrit script. During my leisure time, I did some sort of (unpaid) consultancy work for gtz dealing with professional training- and curriculum issues, training institutions analyses and planning suggestions. Contacts to other organisations providing technical assistance (such as SNV, UNV, UNIDO, gtz, etc.) provided ample opportunities to widen my “developmental” horizon. This challenging period of more than three years shaped my future career to the extent that I decided to shift my pending political science studies into social science with major on Third World politics.