Books & articles
  „Unentdeckte Schätze“ in „Marokko verstehen“ (SympathieMagazine), p. 46/47, published by „Studienkreis für Tourismus und Entwicklung“, 08/2011 zum pdf „Marokko verstehen“ (pdf)

  „How to suppport LED initiatives in marginalised territories such as Region 10 in Guyana” in PACA-News N°. 15 (April 2008), p. 7ff
Co-author of “Experiences regarding impact monitoring in self-help- and crafts promotion development projects” in German language (“Projekterfahrungen zum Selbsthilfemonitoring in der Selbsthilfe- und Handwerksförderung”, published by gtz in September 2001; my contribution focuses on “institutional monitoring” (p.39-46); see also
Projekterfahrungen zum Wirkungsmonitoring in der Selbsthilfe- & Handwerksförderung for the whole publication in German language(100 pages)
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  “Participatory Action Research for a Small Industries Promotion Programme“ in „PLA Notes“, N°. 30; October 1997 ( see PAR-article)

  Comparison of Objectives of the Integrated Rural Development Projects in Nepal “, Lilienthal, 1983; own publication ( see cover page of this)


Pater / Striepke: “Entwicklungspolitik nach der Wende“,
pad Verlag, Dortmund, 1985
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  Author of various articles in “brainstorm“, a gtz quarterly (since 1989); see also , particularly:
    CEFE goes cost recovery in Rwanda
    Organisation of artisans in regional federations (chambers)
    Law governing the country-wide organisation of the crafts sector
    Rwanda's Craft Sector on the Move
  For more information on the author and his CEFE career, please, click on “CEFE experts”, and then type in “Striepke” in the blank space.
  Booklets and articles published during the Guyana assignment (2004-07)
    The 5 Ps – Person (published by LEAP)
    Large parts of „Region 10 Tourism Development Association’s" web site (
    „LEAP – Full support for tourism development“ in „Discover Linden Magazine“, April 2006
    „Handicraft catalogue” (published by LEAP”) – full version can be seen on
    (click the catalogue button)
    „RTDA Flyer“ (Region 10 Tourism Development Association“
    „Irene’s Creative Handicraft Catalogue” published on CD by Irene Bacchus-Holder, 2006
  Web pages (responsible for the contents) (web page of GIZ – project “Migration and economic development of Oriental region / Morocco with information on project progress, investment opportunities and interesting links for investors in French, English and German language) (web page of GTZ – project “Promotion of the Craft Sector in Butare Province ”) (this website is offline since january 2008; I regret any inconvience caused by that decision beyond my control) Web page of GTZ – project “Promotion of the Craft Sector in Southern Rwanda ”, the extension of the aforementioned project) (web page of the “Coopérative des Producteurs Artisanaux de Butare”, a member of the Butare Federation of Craftsmen, FAAB. COPABU is the main exporting agency of handicraft articles in Rwanda; furthermore, it is owned by the artisans and produces in the context of fair-trade agreements).