Short-Term Assignments


Short-term assignments have been carried out under the label of CONTOR CONSULTING, the name of the enterprise, which I shared with Ton van der Krabben between 1988 and 1999. While he was based in Oss/Netherlands, I operated from Idstein in the beautiful Taunus region not far away from Frankfurt.

To be honest: at those times, the actual reason for becoming self-employed could be found in the unemployment I faced after the return from Cameroon in late 1988. The greatest investment I did was a trip to the Philippines, where I participated in a CEFE (Competency-based Economies through Formation of Enterprise) Training of Trainer. CEFE at that time was an emerging small enterprise training methodology, which – by now – has become the most well-known brand name in this field.

The work as consultant was very tough in terms of psychological pressure and physical stress so that during the years 1998/99, which did not allow any sort of ordinary family life, I hardly saw my children grow so that I developed the idea of finding some permanent employment overseas in my fields of intervention. 1999 was the date when CONTOR CONSULTING as such died although Ton van der Krabben carried on with his personal consulting career.

Based on my past experiences, on additional formal and informal studies as well as on newly accumulated experience during my various assignments, I developed a thorough expertise in the sectors shown in the bar on the left, which you might be interested to check out.

After another 6 years of long-term assignments (Guyana: 2005 – 07; Morocco: 2008 – 11) I finally decided to carry on exclusively with short-term assignments under the label “Consultingbüro Torsten Striepke” focusing on project proposal writing. This will allow me to economize on my physical force and my general health and to go eventually beyond retirement age. In this context, up-to-date knowledge is always a cutting edge. So, I participated in a ValueLinks seminar dealing with specific value chain analysis tools and instrument. See ValueLinks Certificate (pdf)

In 2011 the CEFE Illiterates Manual has been updated in Bangladesh with the assistance of dear local colleagues (M Azim Syed, M U Thein Maung, Mrs Kohinoor Yeasmine) and Mrs Shahnaz Kapadia Rahat (Pakistan). With much pleasure I found out that this CEFE product has been massively applied in Bangladesh and Afghanistan.
CEFE Illiterates Manual Cover (pdf)

The CEFE International “Certificate of Competence” as International CEFE Chief Advisor and Trainer has been renewed in early 2012. CEFE Zertifikat 2012 (pdf).