Business Development
: I have written a number of booklets on each of the five marketing P’s (price, product, place, promotion, and person) which were tailor-made to the Linden population and produced with much loving care. (see the booklet on the PERSON here) Extremely positive feedback from the users made me publish some more from my own pocket. I advised some of our clients in the Incubation Centre which is located right in the LEAP Office. I developed business ideas with interested entrepreneurs before a business plan was elaborated; I injected food for thought regarding their strategic planning.

Batik tissue Fine art bowl Wooden wine glass The organisation of sales outlets for handi-craft entrepreneurs, the set-up of handicraft catalogues and brochures including assis-tance in product development (launching product ideas), the formulation of tourism brochures - all in collaboration with the concerned business people - were some more works accomplished under this heading.

Monitoring & Evaluation
: M&E became one of my major tasks because after three years of project existence (date of my arrival) no functioning log frame monitoring system has been put in place. I added a project internal monitoring system which evolved around the six major elements of institutional practice in pursuit of the IOM (integrated organisational model) such as: strategy, management style, personnel, working systems, structure, and culture. The latter was meant to provide the management with an early warning system in case project-internal developments went wrong. All data have been collected on a quarterly basis. The monitoring of LEAP’ training impact has been another important task which provided valuable feedback for our training department.Other works: Contributions to the LEAP web site, inputs for our investment department (uploads for existing websites of international chambers and investment brokers), organisation of sectoral meetings, assistance to the establishment of the “Linden Museum of Socio-cultural Heritage”, linkages to NGOs and ministerial line departments in Georgetown in sectors of our concern as well as the development of ideas to establish a Job Centre for jobless people in Region 10 were other major works accomplished.